September 9-11, 2016

Big Ball Buddy Battle

Huge 8’ Balls & Crazy Obstacles. Can YOU Handle It?
WestWorld of Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ



“The Ultimate BIG BALL Obstacle Course”

Imagine hundreds of runners behind huge 8′ diameter beach balls being pushed, shoved, kicked, carried and pulled over school buses, through huge culvert pipes, over giant-sized balancing beams, or through a pool of hundreds of small beach balls to the finish line.

The course will meander throughout the outdoor & indoor stables of the WestWorld Equestrian Area, along with a grandstand finish cheered on by hundreds of fans in the North Hall outdoor corral.

This will be an epic event, yet due to the overwhelming size of these massive balls, there will be limited participants allowed in each wave of the Big Ball running two-person “buddy” teams.

Get on the “Got Big Balls?” sign up list so the minute registration is open to the public, you will be notified with a special Got Big Balls discount only offered to those who sign up on this link.



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Big Ball Buddy Battle
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